Which status trumps?

I recall we’ve had this discussion here before- but it was a while ago and I cannot find relevant posts.

My client is a 19 yo EU national who lives with his father. Client is not a student- he is a jobseeker.
Father is EU national who works in UK. He is in receipt of UC himself.
They have been both in UK for 2 years.
Client’s UC refused- decision he is a jobseeker.
But he is also a family member under UC Regs, Reg 9(4)(b) and Reg 7(1)(b)(i) Imm (EEA) Regs 2016

How do I persuade DWP to use his “family member” status rather than “jobseeker” status for purposes of HRT?

Edit: I kept looking for other posts and I found some but they were about Jobseeker versus derivative R2R. But being a family member is not a derivative right, is it?

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