When does the 3 month waiting period for UC apply

Hi All, I have a case I’m working on but not sure if I’m right or wrong. A resident applied for UC on 18th June 2020 and declared in their journal they were unfit for work. They were not able to get a sicknote until 6th August 2020 but it was backdated to 18th June 2020. Prior to this she had a call from her workcoach who said based on what you have written about your health do not look for work but provide a sicknote asap. They then got a UC50 shortly afterwards and declared to have limited capability for work and work related activity on 10th September 2020. But UC will not pay the extra element until 10th December 2020, due to needing to be unfit for work for more than 3months. is this correct?

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