What are the key challenges claimants experience in dealing with DWP?

Hi all – I’ve been asked to speak at a meeting of the DWP Business Strategy Directorate to highlight what are the key challenges claimants face in dealing with the DWP and claiming benefits.

It can be across the range of DWP benefits – so could be pensioners, disabled people, jobseekers etc – and cover any part of the claims process from the initial claim through to MR, and whether in the jobcentre, over the phone or online.

They’ve asked me to come up with around 5 key asks that would make a difference so if any of you have a few you would like to suggest that would be great – the first few things that have come to my mind are –

– lack of choice in how to make a claim (online, paper or phone) or have a health assessment (phone or video assessment or face to face)
– delays – on getting through to helplines, responses in journals
– lack of clear information on gov.uk – particularly during pandemic – updating pages about PIP award extensions and the like
– communications – choice to use written, email etc – clarity (or not!) of communications?

I welcome thoughts on those or any other suggestions. If you have any good case studies that demonstrate particularly effectively the that would be helpful too. And if you have a positive case study – which shows the difference it can make to a claimant when the DWP get it right – then that would be really helpful too.

I’m doing the talk next week so prepping this week so any thoughts asap would be great – thanks very much 🙂

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