We won’t pay UC rent element as your wife gets Retirement Pension

Claimant age 63, wife age 68 (receives SRP)

UC claim three months ago as husband newly out of work.

Private rented accommodation, not temporary or exempt. No pre-existing ‘pensioner’ claims for HB/PC.

UC have refused from the beginning of the claim to pay the rent element – they have calculated it but never paid it.

Claimant has been told UC cannot pay it because his partner gets SRP.

Claimant had a meeting with DWP yesterday, showed them an advice email from us containing the obvious – was told ‘they’re wrong, we’re right’. the person they spoke to even asked a ‘more experienced’ colleague, who confirmed that rent element can’t be paid when one partner gets SRP.

HB, of course, say they can’t help.

Formal complaint to UC – meanwhile, rent arrears mount and the landlord is moving towards possession action.

On top of this, UC is deducting monthly income of ESA for the wife. When told she doesn’t get ESA because she is 68 and on SRP, they suggested claimants contact ESA ‘to cancel your claim’. Although this was done, ESA is still being taken off as income.

There is also a mysterious ‘other’ deduction, claimant told ‘you will have to find out what that is’.

Complaint made.

I despair, I despair, I despair, I despair, I despair, I despair!


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