Waiting Time for Appeals after Postponement


One of our client’s was due to have her PIP appeal heard at the start of September, however was postponed two days beforehand (we didn’t find out until after the appeal date!) – No reasons were given as to who or why the postponement was asked for.

By way of background, this appeal was originally made in September 2019 but had a few adjournments due to the client not turning up to the appeal (I only took this case on prior to the last appeal in Sept 20).

We still have had no new date despite ringing HMCTS on several occasions to be told we were in a priority category and would be within 12 weeks of original date.

Understandably, both myself and my client are extremely unhappy with the wait times and the way the postponement was handled and the client wants to make a formal letter of complaint (which I will be writing this week).

Besides the letter of complaint is there anything else that we could do to have the appeal held sooner?



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