UC working with representatives guidelines not followed on the phone line


Regarding third party representative authorisation and the below guidance


I got told today on the UC line that the client putting consent on their journal (including all required info as detailed above) and then me ringing up once this is done is not the correct procedure.

Apparently what actually happens is that when the client puts the required info on their journal, UC then contact the client via phone to confirm that they give consent. Option 2 would require me to be an appointee (not true). Or apparently Option 3 – UC will contact me directly when they see the journal entry from the client authorising me (this has never ever happened once).

Client can’t use phone due to MH issues (hence me calling).

When I quoted the above guidance I got told this is just ‘public guidance’ and UC have their own ‘internal guidance’. The agent even went off to ‘check’ so she was clearly reading something.

So, anyone got a copy of this ‘internal guidance’? I would like to see what they are using as it contradicts the publicly available guidance.

It’s pretty tiresome having to have a ten minute debate and escalate to a supervisor every single time I call UC on behalf of a client despite following the guidance.

If I am missing something I am very happy to be told so. If not though, and UC are constantly going against their own guidance how can this be raised with them?  I know I’ve read/heard other advisers having similar issues around consent so it might have been raised before in some capacity.


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