UC refuse to re-assess when condition deteriorates

Hello, My client has LCW , cond has worsened but work coach advises that they will not reassess. We’re going to take this up but wonder if others have seen anything similar.

Here’s what she has been advised after asking if they can direct her to or supply the instruction not to send cases for re assessment and if she will be paid arrears. Note neither question has been answered. She has been asking to be re- assessed sine at least September 2021. 

“Hello C , thank you for your message re WCA, & your worsening condition. As previously advised the dept is not currently undertaking WCA reviews due to the ongoing pandemic. If you feel your condition has worsened and you have medical evidence to support this, you could try to call the Centre for Health and Disability Assessments to see what they advise. At this time, I am unable to refer your case for re-assessment. As you can imagine,  we have an unprecedented amount of work at the moment, across all depts, due to the ongoing pandemic. The telephone number for The Centre for Health and Disability Assessments (CHDA) is 08002888777. Please be aware that they are also extremely busy at the moment.”

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