UC OR HB – When one hits pension age

Hi All –

I have a couple where the female will hit state pension age in one month.

She currently receives ESA (Support g) and her Husband is on the claim. They have full entitlement to HB and both get PIP. The husband receives carers allowance from April 2022.

She has been informed that her State Pension will be £740 per month. 

The current rate of ESA is £437.60 fortnightly so a monthly figure of £875.20. So a shortfall of £135.20 per month.

However, she will receive an Occupational Pension which will be roughly £163.00 per month. So this makes up for the shortfall from ESA.  In fact its £28 per month extra.

My questions are – HB are saying she can stay on HB and not have them claim UC. Is this correct? The male is below pension age.

Also – if it was UC would he have to make the claim – and then the pension will be taken pound for pound?

Please confirm it will be UC and no PC claim.

I also get PIP £453.20 per month.  On top of figure above . Tony gets PIP £334.00 per month an also Carers £69.70 from April 2022.

I look forward to hearing back.

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