UC, NRPF and conditionality earnings threshold

Please tell me if I am missing something.

Couple – one person has NRPF and has just been made redundant (we’ll call her Bella).  They have one child aged one.  Other person is furloughed but still on a good wage of about £1700pcm (we’ll call him Adam).

Assuming Bella is main carer for the child as she’s been made redundant, I have calculated that CET for the couple is about £2645pcm:  35hrs x NMW x 2 (as Bella’s circumstances are not taken into account and 35hrs is automatically used).

Bella cannot however be subject to WRRs as she is not eligible for UC.

So despite Adam earning a good wage and “working” full-time they may be subject to WFis and WPRs (light touch regime) as the couple earn under the CET?

Even when Adam returns to work he will still be earning less than the CET (about £2125).

While furloughed Adam could potentially say that he is the main carer and as child is aged 1 reduce the CET to £1927pcm (I believe it would then be 16hr for him as he would be in the WFIs only group and 35hrs for the NRPF person).  However, I think it would be difficult to argue he is the main carer if he as working and his partner wasn’t?




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