UC for an EEA jobseeker

Hi there I have a query:
I have a client who is a Spanish National.  She has limited leave to remain but she has been in the country for just over 5 years so I am getting my immigration team on board for further help with applications for settled status. 

She is a victim of domestic violence and forced marriage and has fled from a different area in the UK to our area and is in a refuge.  She has no children.

She has applied for Universal credit and this has been turned down because it was decided that she was an EEA jobseeker but this does not satisfy the right to reside requirement for UC.

It is my understanding that she cannot apply for Universal credit and I cannot appeal this decision, am I correct?
She needs to apply for settled status before she can get UC as she will have right to reside status for UC purposes?  Am I missing something?

Thank you for any help in advance

Edit: EEA worker to Jobseeker – apologies

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