UC claim closed

UC claimant went abroad to attend a family funeral. He notified the DWP in advance and a JC appointment that would have taken place while he was away was deferred until after his expected return.

While the client was away he was asked via his journal to self-report his earnings. He was sent a reminder five days after that and then seven days after that his claim was closed.

When he returned to the UK after a total of 18 days abroad the client was encouraged to reclaim, which he did, but he ended up missing a month’s benefit.

After a false start in which the client challenged the decision not to backdate his second claim, he has now received a MRN in relation to the decision to close his first claim. It merely says that section 8(1)(a) of the Social Security Act 1998 allows the SoS to close a claim and that the client was given the correct amount of time to report his earnings.

This CPAG article deals with closing claims:

The two regulations it refers to seem to give the claimant at least a month before a claim can be closed, rather than the 12 days which the client here was given.

Am I missing something?

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