UC benefit cap for mixed age couple and carers allowance query

Two queries with this. I think I am missing something totally obvious but without anyone to bounce this off I turn to rightsnet!

Client is under SP age by a few years, husband over. They get UC, husband gets AA –

Standard Allowance £594.04
Housing – £301.96
Carer – £162.92
Total – £1058.92

Deductions –

Husband SP – £379.90
Other income (I think this is a private pension) – £324.94
UC Advance repayments – £47.70 (due to end 30/06/21)
Housing – £301.96
Total – £1054.50

Total UC award – £4.42

Question 1 – client doesn’t claim Carer Allowance, it makes sense to claim this doesn’t it? Although it get deducted off the UC she only loses £4 (she isn’t bothered about free dentists etc). Would it cause any problems with the UC advance repayments at all? Feel like I might be missing something here!

Question 2 – the UC helpline told me that there is a benefit cap deduction due to start on 23rd December. They couldn’t see how much it would be. Anyone know why this would be the case? They get Carer Element and husband gets Attendance Allowance this makes them exempt doesn’t it?

Thanks for any pointers!

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