UC award following a nil decision for 1 month when earnings exceeded

Please can someone advise me for a young bereaved client.

UC was in payment for my client and her husband with the LCWRA and Carer elements.  When the husband died UC continued to be paid under the bereavment run on rules. However, in the second UC assessment period following his death, the client’s wages included a bonus and pay rise and earnings exceeded. We are now in the third and final bereavement run on assessment period and I don’t know if UC will have kept the claim live and will complete the assessment for this period or if the claim has been closed. If it is closed and my client reclaims would she be entitled to the bereavement run on rate again? Once the bereavement run on ends her earnings will exceed. She needs the UC award to meet the criteria for the SF Funeral Payment. I hope that makes sense.

Many thanks

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