UC and Untidy Tenancies

hi 1st time post here—i work for a housing assoc, we seem to be having problems with UC and untidy tenancies recently..anyone else?  We refuse SRS on Portal as per UC instructions but then we are not getting the email SRS (manual form i believe they call it) to complete. On calling UC (3 way with tnt) are getting told they dont have any Housing Costs as not verified ie SRS was refused, have tried explaining that we are supposed to refuse (and say absent joint tenant etc) but all that is suggested is to redeclare h costs ( UC will help do this) which then comes back on the portal to be refused again. is it just us? We have tried raising with partnership managers but dont seem to be getting much back so wondering if this is a new problem or if UC have changed the procedure and arent telling us. Any thoughts welcome. thanks

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