Two IRESA claimants forming a couple

Hi there Rightsnetters

I’ve got two single ESA claimants who have moved in together and formed a couple. They both get PIP and SDPs. One of them gets CA/Carer Premium as a carer for their mother (they expect to continue in this role).

DWP have told them that now they are a couple they must claim UC.

There was a thread earlier this year ( suggesting that this was incorrect and that what they can do is end one of the ESA claims and have the remaining claim revised so that it is paid at the couple rate + 2 x SDP and the CP.

Is this still the case?

As an aside, if you had a situation where they were moving into a new property and so would need to claim UC to get the housing costs – would they get transitional protection for both SDPs???

Many thanks 🙂


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