Treatment of land owned when assessing for UC

Hi all
Apologies if this is a daft question.
We’ve had a tenant sign up to a property. She currently lives in a camper van on a plot of land (Land which she owns).
She receives ESAcont only.
Because of health reasons she was successful in a housing application.

I’ve not had this before, so I’m looking for reassurance/advice about how the land is treated if she were to make a UC claim with HC’s.
All I have managed to find is CPAG stating it is capital – which I get.

Because there is no current value attached to the land, I cant see anything but a refusal in a claim.

Is it a simple case of an independent survey/valuation being done to put a value on it, which is then passed to DWP for acceptance? Or would DWP insist on their own valuation?

Any thoughts or ideas would be gratefully received

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