Transitional SDP query

Client is on UC with the LCWRA element. Have just established that he claimed UC in 2018 after his PIP DL award was removed on review so he had no SDP in his income-related ESA at the date of claim. It turns out that he was successful at appeal and the DL component was reinstated and backdated to 2018. He was not paid any arrears of the SDP by ESA. We are trying to chase this up. He would appear to meet the criteria for the transitional SDP in UC according to CPAG 21/22 p27-28 but Memo ADM 15/19 states that on the date the DM considers whether a determination about a transitional SDP payment can be made, the claimant must continue to be entitled to the DL component of PIP. Cl is not currently in receipt of PIP as although he sent in his PIP2 on time, he has not received a new decision before his old award ended in May.
Does he need to wait until PIP DL is back in payment before he asks for the transitional SDP to be included in his UC award? Think the sun is addling my already somewhat addled brain….
Many thanks in advance

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