Transitional SDP payments and UC carer’s elements

Hi folks,

Wondering if anyone might be able to clarify something for me about the SDP transitional payments within new UC awards where people move from legacy benefits.

If you were previously entitled to the couple rate of SDP as part of your IB-JSA, IR-ESA or IS award (ie. both you and your partner satisfied the SDP requirements) and no person has become a carer for either of you, the amount of transitional element is £405 per month.

What I want to double check is that this means that neither partner should state they are caring for the other on the initial UC claim because if they do, that means they will only receive the lower amount of £120, which taken together with the carer’s element of £163.73 is a lower overall total than the £405 amount? Have I got that right?

Also, if they later state they are caring for the other partner, could they have the carer element included in the UC award and not affect the transitional amount?

I’m really struggling to get my head around these regulations. Thanks in advance.

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