Transitional adult dep addition and working

Could really use a CPAG from 2013 right now… Tried CPAG online and the IB regs. Still stuck.

Partner wants to know what would be the effect on their benefits if she did some p/t work. Claimant receives ESA-C of £182.25, which includes LCWRA element and £68.15pw transitional amount (TA). He claimed IB before being transitioned to ESA. I’m guessing this TA is due to the adult dependant addition (long term incapacity + adult dep addition = £181.35pw though, so not quite the same amount). Her paperwork doesn’t explain the make up of the TA. I’m struggling to find a source to check the old IB rules about partner working and the adult dep addition – my logic tells me that there’s an issue with the partner working. Although I wonder if the adult dep addition is affected if it’s TA that’s actually in payment.

Many thanks

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