Temporary absence from two home (dual HB)


I have a HB query that has left me a little unsure/confused and hoping someone here can give me a clear answer one way or the other.

The claimant left her first property due to DV and is currently claiming dual housing benefit for this property and for a place at a safehouse.

Is she able to continue to receive dual HB during a temporary absence/temporary absences from the safehouse?

I couldn’t find anything to suggest ‘definitely not’ but there are some question marks over things like whether this is her ‘home’ and so it seems like a situation where this might be an issue and lead to a HB claim being closed.

If it is relevant – the temporary absences are for time in hospital and then for brief stays with relatives who are providing support due to her ill-health. This has not been for more than the 13 week limit for temporary absences and have all been in GB.

Thanks in advance for any help.

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