Tax Credit Overpayment


Just looking for some clarification on what to do. Firstly, I have very little experience in tax credits especially tax credit overpayments (its not something we’ve had to deal with at our charity).

Client has received a letter stating a tax credit overpayment needs to be paid back – when the client first came in she was dealt with by my colleague so unsure of exact years (I know from a while ago!) and we rang up HMRC to get a written statement of reasons for the overpayment.

She wants to appeal and/or dispute the overpayment (seems like she told HMRC of change of circs which they never actioned) so I’ve been doing some “reading up” on the process.

Slightly confused as to which form that I need to use – WTC/AP was advised, however that states I need to fill in the TC846 form? As ever, the HMRC system takes me in circles as client doesn’t have Government Gateway ID nor can we seem to get one for her.

Which form do I complete? Preferably paper-version.



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