Student switching to UC from ESA

Student currently getting ESA (IR) and PIP DL. She recently started renting privately but is not getting HB. Client gets SDP and is in the support group, but ESA is around £40 per week after deductions to reflect her student finance.

Client’s course is ending quite soon, but because of her housing costs it seems to make sense for her to claim UC straight away rather than wait until her course ends. Two questions occur to me however:

1. She will be entitled to a transitional element of £120 under UC, I think, to reflect her loss of the SDP. If she makes her UC claim while she is a student, will her transitional element be lost when her UC increases in the near future by virtue of deductions for her student finance ending?

2. Presumably the two week run on payment of ESA she will get if she switches to UC will be at the net rate of £40 per week she currently gets as a result of deductions to reflect her student finance? So looking at this point on its own there would be an advantage in waiting until she stopped being a student to claim UC, as the ESA run on payments would be nearly £200 per week?

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