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I am working with a client through their social worker to help with their UC claim.  In June the client was taken into hospital suffering from alcohol induced dementia.  Contact was made with the jobcentre by a third party asking if a visiting officer could take a claim from the customer but JC+ refused – initially on grounds that not safe to visit hospitals at that time.  Once customer was moved to a temporary care home JC+ continued to refuse to take a claim on the grounds that he had no capacity.
It was only once the customer’s health had improved and visits to care homes were allowed that the social worker was able to visit him and to help him make a claim at the end of October.  One month’s backdating has been allowed.
Is there any mechanism in place to allow for the claim to be started from the date of first contact with the Jobcentre in June?  The contact is evidenced as it was by email to the vulnerable customer lead.

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