Significant discomfort

Most of the time I’ve been dealing with PIP appeals they’ve been mental health cases so only now do I come to this question…

I’ve always had, at the back of my mind, that PIP might use a lower threshold than DLA in assessing pain and discomfort, the phrase “significant discomfort” echoes through my cranium and I’ve always thought the bar on when pain might prevent someone achieving a task might be lower than the “severe discomfort” we came to know and love in the olden days.

I’ve just come across a case where the level of discomfort a client is in may well be material, so I went a’huntin for authority for my long held belief.

I’ve looked at the regs, the act and the PIP consultations available on yet I cannot find the words “significant” and “discomfort” in the same place.

I have two questions:

Firstly, I definitely didn’t dream a second consultation on the descriptors, when they amended the descriptors; famously (?!) continuing, in the interpretations, to include (overlook?) “social engagement” yet seeming to veer away from a social element to engaging with people in the report, I can’t find that consultation, has anyone got a copy still hanging around and…

Secondly, did I dream it? The “significant discomfort” thing that is…


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