Shared ownership service charge adjustment

UC claimant, shared ownership tenant, just been given a bill to balance last year’s variable service charge.  In UC rules for renters apply.  Claimant was not on UC last year.  Cannot really find any help in the Regs or guidance as to how the payment should be attributed:

– one-off in the month the bill was received, leading to a single anomalous UC payment?
– taken into account going forward over the period until the next similar bill might be expected (i.e. this time next year – that would be my preferred option, because an overpayment and refund/credit could be dealt with the same way – always looking ahead, never back)
– or it relates to last year, claimant wasn’t on UC last year so tough

I’m surprised that the ADM is silent about this, it must happen all the time.  Any suggestions?

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