Shared Lives Payments


I hope I have added this to the correct topic area. I am supporting an individual who is considering becoming a Shared Lives Carer for someone who they previously fostered, as the young person will be turning 18, and they have asked questions about the income from Shared Lives and the way that the DWP/HMRC treat this.

They are in receipt of Carers Allowance and Child Tax Credits, what we are trying to find out is, will the payments from Shared Lives for ‘Care and Support’ be taken into account as income by the DWP/HMRC and their Child Tax Credits and Carers Allowance then impacted? I have found information that states that DWP will disregard payments for care and support, – see Adult Placement/Shared Lives schemes 85234 / 85235 / 85236 on the link below

but on the Shared Lives Website it states that the Carer will become self-employed, which would suggest they would need to report all income to HMRC.

There is also information that there is no DWP regulations around the Carers Allowance and Shared Lives Payments and that this decision would be made by a Decision Maker within the DWP – See Page 4 2b on link below.

Thanks you for your time and assistance on this matter.

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