SDP transitional payment

I posted this on an old thread then realised it may not be seen, so reposting on a new thread.

Client is currently in receipt of cbESA with the support component, claiming since 2007 so definitely contribution-based rather than New Style. She is also in receipt of standard rate daily living and enhanced rate mobility components of PIP. At present she is living with a partner in full time work and no one is claiming CA in respect of her. They are thinking of separating- partner will move out.
She will need to claim UC for housing costs. An option would be for her to ask for her ESA award to be revised to include the SDP and EDP as soon as he moves out as she will meet the criteria. She could then claim UC for housing costs and have the transitional SDP (£120) included from the start of the claim and get the two week run on of income-related ESA (this would be minimal (£14pw) as she also has a private pension).
Is this correct? If so, how long would she wait before making the UC claim to minimise the amount of UC she misses out on? UC entitlement will be around £100pw.

Thanks in advance for any thoughts.

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