retaining worker status

I may be over-thinking this one but I would be grateful for some advice.

I have a client from Poland who came to the UK in December last year, stayed until February and then returned to Poland to have a baby. The client returned to the UK in September 21 and is living with a friend at the moment.

The cl has pre settled status but (unsurprisingly)  has failed the HRT test for UC so I am looking at other rights to reside as an EU worker.

The cl is in fact on Maternity Leave from an employer in Poland so under the usual rules (and Saint Prix) she has retained worker status but I am not clear if she has to have been employed in the UK to qualify for UC, is it sufficient that she has retained worker rights from anywhere in the EU?

Both her children appear to be UK citizens and as their father is no longer around I assume she could also gain R2R as they are her dependants and they automatically have R2R?


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