Resettled Afghans

CPAG have been getting a few questions about Afghans resettled under some of the current government schemes such as the ‘ARAP’. These don’t lead to refugee or humanitarian protection status, but rather either time limited leave to remain or now indefinite leave to remain. There are no public funds restrictions. Unclear whether count as ‘discretionary leave’.

Local authorities are taking the lead in supporting Afghans resettled under these schemes but seem to be under the impression that benefits can’t be claimed for at least 3 months due to the HRT. That misunderstanding seems to be based on some slightly misleading HO guidance. There is financial support in place for what looks now to be up to 12 months, but that seems to fall short of what they would get on UC particularly if there are children in the family. Also does not seem to cover passported benefits or disability related benefits.

We’ve published a very basic factsheet on what Afghans should be entitled to here: Please share particularly if in contact with the local authorities teams supporting these people.

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