RESEARCH – Algorithms & AI in Local Welfare Provision


Thanks to RightsNet for letting me post! I am Head of Research and Investigations at civil liberties NGO Big Brother Watch and we are currently running a long-term project about the digitisation of the welfare state. Our focus is on the use of algorithms, AI and the ever-growing amounts of data collection that contributes to the welfare state directing digital surveillance at the people using it.

As part of our second phase of research, we’re looking to speak to people who have been affected by the digital tools that are part of the welfare state at a local level to find out more about the on-the-ground impact these algorithms are having on people’s lives.

Someone from Hackney Law Centre suggested posting on RightsNet to see if anyone here may be able to connect us with people who have been affected who may be willing to share their experience, or if anyone here has experience first hand of advising people fighting against these digital systems.

It’s the kind of perspective that is vital to understanding the use of tech in the welfare state not just in theory but in practice! Any help would be hugely appreciated, either in replies or my email is jake dot hurfurt at bigbrotherwatch dot org dot uk.

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