Requesting Expedition in the First-tier Tribunal

Further to earlier posts on this forum, and an article in issue 278 of the Welfare Rights Bulletin, CPAG are still looking for cases where a request has been made to the FtT to expedite the appeals process.

At a meeting with the Chamber President, we were assured that there were processes in place that allow a case to be fast-tracked where necessary. However, we are keen to know how effective these procedures are in practice.

In universal credit claims in particular, a claimant could be left with no income at all while they wait for a hearing, and could accrue rent arrears and debts in the meantime. It is therefore essential that there is an effective way of speeding up the process in appropriate cases.

If you have a case that is suitable for expedition, or you have made a request for a case to be expedited, please contact LDalton at cpag dot org dot uk.

Thank you.

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