Remote Working


As it looks like I’m going to have to be working from home fully again, I’ve got a couple of issues that I hope someone could suggest what I can do. Hopefully this is in the right forum category!

1). Not sure if I’m just being unlucky but I am struggling to speak to the DWP on behalf on our clients when they are not physically with me in the room (hence why we restarted face-to-face appointments for those type of enquiries). I have all the relevant details for an alternative enquiry to be established but most are outright refusing to speak to me.
Note: This isn’t a problem with UC or Health Assessment Providers (IAS & HAAS) but other benefits in particular PIP.

Any suggestions on what else I can do?

2). For PIP forms, I know lots of advisers are using an online “dummy” version of the form and having the client either write it onto the form or attach with form – I know from experience that 99% of our clients won’t/can’t write it onto the form.

Has the DWP been accepting/receptive of the typed sheets being attached?



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