Refusal of CB – no right to reside

As I don’t deal with immigration, can someone please help me a question on Child Benefit? Timeline as follows:

30th April 2014 – Husband arrived in the UK from Romania.

May 2014 – Husband started work full time following allocation of a National Insurance Number.

October 2014 – Wife arrived in the UK.

5th November 2015 – Husband finished work following an accident.

December 2015 – Wife was allocated a National Insurance number.

March 2016 – Husband applied for Personal Independence Payment. This was awarded in April 2016.

April 2016 – Wife made a successful application for Carer’s Allowance.

23rd June 2016 – Children arrive in the UK.

September 2016 – Children placed into school. Wife applied for CB. Refused as failed HRT.

December 2016 – MR – Decision upheld

March 2017 – CB reclaimed and refused.

July 2017 – MR – Decision upheld.

Husband applied several times for ESA but was refused.

Applied for UC March 2019 – Refused as failed HRT.

March 2020 – Appeal successful, UC put into payment from March 2019.

They applied for settled status in 2019 which was granted.

Would the client have had any entitlement to CB in 2016/17?

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