Reasonable Notice of telephone apppeal hearings

I was just wondering if other representatives were being informed of appeal hearings by HMCTS with less than 2 weeks notice being given from receipt of the notification letters? This seems to be happening constantly to me with in the North West and there seems to be no account made for matters such as representatives working from home and so not getting mail as quickly as previously or the need for appellants to arrangements that they may have in place e.g. appointments/work etc or for those supporting them to adjust diaries such that they can be available.

The rules state:
Notice of hearings 29.—(1) The Tribunal must give each party entitled to attend a hearing reasonable notice of the time and place of the hearing (including any adjourned or postponed hearing) and any changes to the time and place of the hearing. (2) The period of notice under paragraph (1) must be at least 14 days except that— (a) in an asylum support case the Tribunal must give at least 1 day’s and not more than 5 days’ notice; and (b) the Tribunal may give shorter notice— (i) with the parties’ consent; or (ii) in urgent or exceptional circumstances.

I and some of my colleagues tend to request that 4 weeks notice be provided which I think is a reasonable time period, especially in these times, but this just seems to fall on deaf ears.

I have even had a case relisted to be heard within 2 weeks of an adjournment despite a Directions Notice indicating further evidence could be submitted within 4 weeks of the adjournment date !!

Is this something just we are experiencing?

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