Poor decision making


Wasn’t sure where to post this as comes under many categories but the central issue is how to rectify a poor decision when we are sure DWP are wrong? We query via journal, escalate via DWP Partnership, request MR and get nowhere. No MR decision is made or notice issued. How do we rectify? We need the MR Decision Notice to lodge an appeal?

Seems to happen a lot recently where we query and are told a case manager will call back, then they don’t, we get tenant to note on their journal hoping to get a decision quickly changed as the decision is so clearly wrong but we get nowhere. Quality of decision making seems really low at the moment.

How do we force the DWP to issue a MR Notification so we can get it to appeal?

Current case is joint tenants who are sisters. One sister works (sister a) and the other gets UC and HCE as unemployed (sister b). DWP are taking a HCC from the sister b (on UC) for a HCC for the other sister (sister a, the JT). No-one else lives in the property.
Regs clearly say:
Who is not a non-dependant?
Universal Credit Regulation, Sch 4, para 2 & 9(2) states that a non-dependant is not:
 Someone who is liable to make payments to occupy the accommodation on a commercial basis – eg a lodger or boarder, or a joint tenant.

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