Poor advice from UC

Would appreciate any thoughts on this client’s situation.

Cl moved into a 2 bed private rented property with her 23 year old daughter in June as joint tenants (rent £580pcm). They both already had UC claims. Cl was paid half of the rent as her HCE for the first couple of APs (£290) but her daughter was not paid the HCE at all as part of her claim. Daughter appears to have taken no action. Cl asked for advice, she thinks via her journal, and was told that it would be better if she became the sole tenant and claimed for the housing costs herself. Cl duly got a new tenancy as the sole tenant and submitted it. She was then distressed to be paid the 2 bed LHA less a housing costs contribution- leaving her with more than £200 a month to find. She says they backdated the sole tenancy to the start of the request for housing costs but have not paid her any arrears.

She has submitted an MR asking for the balance to be paid to her between the half rent and the LHA in the first two APs. She has not made a complaint with a screenshot of the poor advice on her journal. Thinking she needs to get a new joint tenancy again but concerned the landlord may refuse or UC could treat it as a contrived tenancy and decide she’s not liable, leaving her with no housing costs help.

All ideas gratefully received. As a side note, we are finding that we are not getting responses to any written correspondence with the DWP, going back over a period of months. Are others finding the same? Escalation routes are not proving fruitful either.

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