PIP2 Online / PIP Apply Pilot – Experiences? Are we seeing these regularly?

Following on from this thread https://www.rightsnet.org.uk/forums/viewthread/17113 it seems we were expecting online PIP2’s to become a standard offer from June 2021.

We do a lot of PIP forms, and so far we have had one person come through with an online PIP claim (we are in Leicester). Some client’s are advising they weren’t offered the online option.

So I wondered what everyone else is experiencing? Is this still a trial being offered randomly or should it be for everyone now?

With remote working still being our normal the online PIP2 just seems a much better option. It would be good to advise client’s to ask for the online form when claiming PIP (where appropriate) but we want to make sure this is something open to everyone before we do.

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