PIP suspended following IUC but it was DLA in payment at time of IUC

Strange situation for client where she was IUC’d in Oct 19 whilst in receipt of DLA SRC/HRM but had started process for transfer to PIP. Underwent PIP assessment after the IUC date as well as further ESA WCA assessment. Client was awarded PIP in December 19 SR daily living, and also placed in WRAG for ESA in Jan 20 although ESA was only after MR.

Client has just been notified that PIP suspended due to information/evidence from DWP Fraud and decision maker considering the evidence.

I am aware that a suspension can be applied when there is any doubt but I am slightly perplexed in this situation as the client has undertaken her PIP assessment after the IUC. Also according to the client the IUC concentrated around her mobility but she has no PIP award for mobility and accepted this, she was given 4 points for mobility 2.

Not really asking for advice but just wondered if similar situations had been seen before where a suspension is applied to a different benefit?


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