PIP renewal forms being sent out very late

Good evening everyone
One of our clients with a PIP award due to end on 18 November 20 was sent her renewal form as late as beginning of November, with a due date after the award had ended. She said this was the first time the form was sent.  And now she is without PIP and still waiting for an assessment and decision on her renewal.  Her husband had his own renewal form sent quite late too.
I know of other clients who had letters to say that there award had been extended due to Covid suspension of assessments, they received these letters out of the blue months before the award was due to run out, and no renewal form was sent to them.
I have not had any post-Lockdown 1 clients who received their renewal forms in good time, but I was not doing any benefits work until November 20. So I don’t know if it is now common that you either get an extension or the existing award or a very late renewal.
But I was wondering if there is any conscious decision behind this on part of DWP? Are they looking at the claims and pre-empting a decision and only extend awards if they think that they will have to renew?

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