PIP points removed at tribunal. Legal?

Apologies if this has been covered before.

I had an appeal where client had 4 points DL, and we were trying to get 2 more descriptors considered to get SDL award.
The 4 points awarded : DWP were happy to give them, and we were happy they were given so in our opinion those points weren’t in dispute.
Tribunal judge said he wanted to explore those 2 but I said under section 12a that he need not look at an issue that hasn’t been raised by the appeal. We were happy, and DWP were happy with those points.
Decision notice : appeal refused : points also removed.

Im fully aware the tribunal can remove points as well as add them, but only if those points are in dispute ?(ie 2 points for cooking, I ask for 4 and they remove them. That’s fair enough)

Is there an error of law here? This could have ramifications if client on SDL trying for EDL and they remove points already scored that aren’t in dispute.

thanks in advance

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