PIP and EU National


I have a client who we are supporting to claim PIP and UC. He’s a Dutch national with only Dutch nationality who moved to the UK to work in June 2001.

We phoned the claim line up for PIP and told him being Dutch, along with his other details (NI No etc) and no issues with his nationality was raised. He’s now received a letter stating that they need to see his passport to prove his residency in the UK.

Unfortunately, his passport ran out several years ago and he has no other documents proving his residency. I spoke to PIP Enquiry Line (most unhelpful call I think I’ve been on!!) who had no idea what I was talking about and insisted I now ring up the Home Office for documents.

Am I wasting my time phoning the Home Office? Do we need to apply to the EU Settlement Scheme before even thinking about applying for PIP?

He had his UC ID appointment and again no issues were raised at that point regarding his nationality.



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