PIP and “Average” Walking Speeds

I have a client who walks very slowly but for a reasonable distance.  This has lead me to look at current guidance re walking speeds. There used to be guidance from Capita about walking speeds which was in the PIP Assessment Guide, this said average walking speed “based on DWP recommendation that a normal walking speed, 90 metres is covered in one minute”.  Having looked more recently, the current guidance in the PIP Assessment Guide (para 2.2.27) says average walking speed is 30 metres per minute.  The latter seems extremely slow to me and makes it very difficult to establish walking that is very slowly is not done reliably.  How could guidance justifiably change so significantly? (I know – who needs justification…….)  I have seen a FOI request from 2018 where DWP say there is no further guidance on walking speeds other than in the Assessment Guide.  Anyone have any thoughts or information on this matter?  Thanks

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