PIP (9 month required period)


Just double checking if I am not missing anything here really.  I have a client who has historic health conditions but most recently has had a severe bout of sciatica which has immobilised her for longer than originally expected but has no prognosis of how much longer the condition will impact her.  She has currently been suffering for 20 weeks.

Looking at the PIP criteria I am just concerned about her meeting the 9 month requirement and reading some case law DO v Secretary of State for Work and Pensions (PIP): [2017] UKUT 115 (AAC).  I think she would struggle on this

Has anyone had an issue where they cannot be clear about the forward required period.?  Should she apply if she can get medical evidence? What if she were to apply and then recover would this create an overpayment so should wait? Just wondering if anyone has had this, its not covid related but I am guessing there may have been similar queries about long covid symptoms too I just haven’t had one that is not clear on a prognosis, so apologies if a daft question.

Thanks for any pointers as always.

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