Personal Independence payment eligibility when the claimant is in receipt of carers allowance

I am assisting a client that is in receipt of carers allowance for one of her twins (Aged 3). Both children have autism and the cl receives CA for one and ex-partner for the other. The cl has made a claim for Personal Independence payment because she suffers from Spondyloarthritis and has been refused and awarded 0 points for daily living and Mobility. Mandatory Reconsideration request was made and the decision was not changed. The cl has appeal to the first tier tribunal and the judge has adjourned to allow the cl time to prepare a response to the question of how she can be eligible for PIP when she has caring responsibilities for her children and is in receipt of CA for one of the children. The cl claims that she receives a substantial amount of help from her ex-partner and her mother with caring for the children as well as help for herself.

Has anybody had any experience with this, and could offer any guidance on how the cl should respond to this question during her adjourned first tier tribunal?

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