Pension Credit just not received – I can’t get through to the right team?!

One of our clients was recently granted Pension Credit on 13/12, and was apparently sent payments on 16/12 and 06/01. I have enquired with him, and triple/quadruple checked the banking information I wrote in his original claim, and he has not received these payments (the first backdated to the beginning of his award, and the second his ongoing 4 weekly amount). He also sent me bank statements which show the dates the payments should have been paid on, and there’s nothing there from Pension Credit.

I have called PC so many times in the last two weeks to try and figure this out – they told him first to go to the bank and enquire, saying that the payments have not been returned and have gone through, which he has done, and the bank just gave him a statement showing the absence of PC payments – I’m not really sure what more the bank would be able to do to be honest?!

The people on the main claim line say that because it’s to do with bank details, we have to speak to a specific team, and have tried variously transferring me to that team and asking me to call the bank liaison team (on 0345 600 9591) which just rings for a little while and then hangs up.

I’m not really sure what to do about this – he’s been without income since his UC claim was closed in November when he reached State Pension Age and has completely used up his minimal savings, but should have received over £1550 from PC since mid-December!

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