Payment problems with ESA built using old JSA system

A client has had repeated problems with ESA not being paid.  No dispute about entitlement or amount.  Her claim was one of those set up using the old JSA payments system.  Since February repeated problems with ESA not being paid which do get resolved quickly after a phone call to DWP. 

DWP have said that the problem is the claim being on the old JSA platform and it needs to be set up on the new ESA platform (complaint submitted asking them to do just that, surely not asking too much even in these difficult times).

I’m trying to work out if this is an isolated instance or if others have had the same problem.

Tediously reminiscent of the 1970s and 80s when failure to send Girocheques was a regular feature of our work, resolved by issuing Letter Before Action to get folk paid.  I show my age…

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