Paying mesne profits and claiming HB

Our client’s are a couple who were living in tied accommodation, the husband was a school caretaker until being dismissed from his job at the end of July. The school are allowing our client’s to continue living in the accommodation on a temporary basis for which they pay ‘mesne profits’ to the school (no tenancy therefore not paying rent).
As mesne profits are an eligible housing cost within the HB Regs and not within UC Regs, we suggested that they made a claim for HB to help whilst husband is looking for alternative work.

Our Local Authority are struggling to find a way to process this claim – although they agree that the mesne profits are an eligible cost and want to be able to process the claim, they don’t know how they can technically do this as in their words ‘the gateway is now closed.’

If anyone has come across this, or a similar situation and can help with some information that might enable the LA process this claim I would be very grateful!

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