Overpayment Appeal


Not sure where to go from here with one of our clients – any suggestions welcome.

Our client has been found guilty of fraud as she did not declare she was a signatory on her parent’s bank account (this was in case of emergency if anything happened to them) and DWP claimed she had access to £85,000 (they used evidence from her estranged brother).

She appealed the decision in 2018 which the Judge did not overturn the DWP’s decision and she was told to pay back an overpayment of £23,137.44. A subsequent complaint was made against the Judge’s action and he was reprimanded for his actions.

Nothing happened until she started claiming Pension Credit which the DWP are now deducting £45 from her Pension Credit – she does not want to pay this back and she is still adamant she did nothing wrong.

Is there anything we can do at this stage given that it went to appeal which was over 2 years ago?



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