Old scheme claim, criteria to restrict to RO decision

Customer been on HB since 1992 ( before LHA) and rent is referred to rent officer.
Customer is a pensioner (74) and therefore is classed as “vulnerable” – so we can only restrict the rent IF we feel its reasonable for her to move AND there is suitable alternative accommodation available. She is in a 3 bed property and would have a 1 bed / 2 room need under RO

We haven’t ever restricted the rent before…. but we have started now “as covid restrictions easing” so its easier for her to move (!!) 

I am not convinced this is the correct approach – to be fair, its years since I’ve done one of these, but I thought the LA couldn’t just say “theres plenty of privately rented properties around, so suitable cheaper accomm is available”  – i thought we actually had yo find a specific property for her – and think it had to offer the same security of tenure (which any new tenancy wouldn’t do)

However, i cant seem to find the reg ( I know its old reg 11, and i cant find the bit about restricting vulnerable groups in the “new” regs)

It may be that in the good old days when LA’s weren’t so strapped for cash, hat we’ be ok at losing the subsidy over the RO decision – I have a feeling that the loss of subsidy is playing more of a deciding factor in whether its reasonable for her to move or not than it should be doing (because it should be part of the decision at all!)

please can someone advise whether Im dreaming the security of tenure for the suitable , alternative accommodation , and whether we have to do more than point ciutomer in the direction of right move or not.

Thanks – Prisca

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