NSJSA and MA – overlapping?

We have a client who is claiming MA and has now left work, and would be eligible to claim NSJSA but I think it would overlap, and MA only payable.

For example, page 26 of the current CPAG states that the DWP refer to NSJA as being CJSA

However, in the overlapping benefit regs it refers only to CJSA


Under the Social Security Contributions and Benefits Act at 20(1)(a) it says only this

unemployment benefit (with increase for adult and, where the beneficiary is over pensionable age, child dependants);

The DMG only refers to CJSA and MA overlapping, but does not state NSJSA


Seems clear the intention is that NSJSA and MA do overlap, but as NSJA not referred to could be a chance?

Does anyone have any thoughts?

Thanks in advance


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